Green PPAs: Power Your Business with Renewable Energy

With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from Enery, switching your business to renewable energy has never been easier. Discover why a PPA is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and secure your long-term electricity costs.

What we offer

What is a Green PPA?

A PPA is a long-term electricity agreement between a customer and a renewable energy producer. By signing a PPA, you purchase a specific volume of green electricity over a fixed period of time, generated by a renewable source such as a solar PV farm.

With a growing number of European businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, PPAs have become incredibly popular. Each agreement is a win-win for both parties: the renewable developer secures a buyer for their green electricity, while the customer reduces their CO² emissions and secures their long-term electricity costs. On a broader level, PPAs are benefiting the environment as they are enabling green companies like Enery to add more clean energy to the grid and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

How Does a PPA Work?

We understand that every business is unique, and so our team of clean energy experts can customize a PPA to your specific needs. The agreement contains details about the volume and price of the green electricity supplied, the time period, the delivery method, and all other relevant information.

Once you have a PPA in place, the way you receive and use electricity stays the same. The agreement enables us to generate clean energy on your behalf, which you purchase at a pre-defined price over a defined period.

One Agreement with Many Unique Benefits

There are many ways a green PPA can strengthen your business and reduce carbon emissions:

Tailor the agreement to your exact needs

Reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint

Establish your business as a climate leader

Secure your long-term electricity costs

Replace a capital expense with an operating cost

Accelerate Europe’s renewable energy transition

How Much Money (and CO²) Can You Save with a PPA?

Try our free online calculator to discover just how much a green PPA can benefit both your business and the climate.

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Physical or Virtual: Which PPA is Right for You?

There are two types of PPA, allowing you to select the model that best suits your long-term needs. Although the structures are different, both PPAs deliver the same environmental benefits.

Physical PPA: Direct from the Source

A physical PPA supplies your business with green electricity at a fixed price and volume directly from the power grid.

In periods where our renewable power generation is higher than your demand, we sell the surplus electricity back to the grid at the market price. Conversely, when your consumption exceeds our generation, you buy additional electricity from the grid at the market price.

At Enery, we offer structured and transparent physical PPAs that comply with all local power network regulations. Each megawatt-hour (MWh) of delivered green electricity comes with a guarantee of origin, if available in the respective market.

Virtual PPA: Aggregated Green Electricity

A virtual PPA allows you to buy clean electricity at a fixed price and volume, although it is not physically supplied via the grid. Instead, both the generation and purchase of electricity are based on market prices, and we reconcile the difference at the agreed PPA rate.

Here is an example of how one of our virtual PPAs can work:

  1. Your business signs a virtual PPA at €70/MWh
  2. We generate green power and sell it in the spot market at €80/MWh
  3. Your business buys power from the spot market at €80/MWh
  4. As the agreed PPA rate is €70/MWh, we pay you €10 in the settlement process
  5. If the spot price is lower than the PPA rate, your business pays us the difference

A virtual PPA is a simple and effective way to support renewable energy and reduce your environmental impact. Each megawatt-hour of electricity also comes with a guarantee of origin, if available in the respective market.

Want to Know More? We’re Here to Help

With a certified green PPA from Enery, your business can reduce its carbon footprint, support the growth of green energy, and secure its long-term power costs.

We are a leading developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy systems in Central and Eastern Europe, and we’re on a mission to power our region with clean, affordable electricity. We support a range of community and biodiversity projects, meaning your PPA also contributes to a more sustainable future.

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