We Believe in a Cleaner Tomorrow

Who we are
A renewable energy company with a bold vision for the future.

Headquartered in Austria, we acquire, develop, build, and operate renewable energy plants throughout Central and Eastern Europe. At the heart of our business is a young and energetic team, always looking for creative ways to help renewable energy have a greater impact in our everyday lives.

Working with companies, utilities, and governments, we are helping to reduce Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels and embrace cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy.

Since our inception, we have grown rapidly in our focus markets by acquiring and developing large-scale renewable energy assets. With a dynamic team and an expanding asset portfolio, we’re on a journey to become one of Europe’s largest renewable energy generators.

Our Purpose and Mission

Making clean energy affordable, reliable, and accessible.

Climate change is the most critical challenge of our time, igniting a global shift towards carbon-free electricity. At Enery, we’re proud to be accelerating this transition through our expanding portfolio of large-scale renewable energy projects.

We do the right things right.

We believe that for renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, it must be accessible, reliable, and affordable. That’s why we’re building a fleet of sustainable power generation assets to reduce carbon emissions and provide year-round energy for communities, businesses, and power networks.

Our culture & values
We believe that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

At Enery, we aspire to be much more than a renewable energy company. With a young and ambitious team, we strive to make lasting social and environmental impacts in all of our markets and communities.

We lead by example

We believe that every one of us has the power to make a difference. Therefore, we continually work to create sustainable solutions that support and accelerate the growth of renewable energy.

We focus on the right problems

We must all work to reverse global warming as quickly as possible, and Enery is committed to accelerating Europe’s journey to a carbon-free future. By developing renewable energy plants on a large scale, we can decarbonize existing power networks and help our clients to realize their net-zero goals.

We care about people and the planet

We foster a collaborative business culture that values all of our employees, clients, and partners. As a renewable energy leader, we seek to make a profound impact while minimizing our environmental footprint.

We continuously learn and improve

As an emerging company in a fast-moving industry, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards and support our people by helping them to learn, share, and maximize their potential.

We put safety first

The health and safety of our employees and partners are critical to our long-term success. Therefore, we’ve implemented a strict “zero harm” policy across all areas of our business to create a safe and enjoyable working environment for everyone.

We do the right things right

We’re tackling climate change head-on by accelerating the transition to clean energy. We strive for excellence in every area of our business – and inspire our customers to embrace a greener future.