The World’s Cleanest and Most Affordable Energy

“Power production via photovoltaic is already the cheapest method to produce clean and sustainable energy in our markets. Moreover, the potential to implement additional uses of the land next to power production is growing every day.”
Gottfried Vana – Development Team Austria
Advantages of photovoltaics (PV)
Solar PV is the key to Europe’s low-carbon future

Every hour, the Earth receives enough sunlight to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year. At Enery, we harness this natural resource by acquiring, developing, building, and operating large-scale solar PV plants throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Unlike traditional fossil fuel power stations, solar panels make no noise, create no emissions, have no moving parts, and generate reliable electricity for up to 40 years.

When planning new PV projects, we specifically target sites with low soil quality that are no longer suitable for agriculture – but are ideal for generating solar energy. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, ground-mounted solar PV plants also deliver a broad range of environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Ecological benefits
Protection for biodiversity and natural habitats

Ground-mounted solar PV plants have incredibly long lifespans and have no negative impacts on the land itself. With a small physical footprint, solar panels cause no disturbances to natural habitats and can actually enhance plant and animal life by positively impacting biodiversity.

Minimal land impact

The majority of our solar PV plants are mounted on simple frames anchored to basic structural points in the ground. Due to this straightforward approach, around 99% of the total ground area remains untouched. When our solar PV plants reach the end of their usable lives, we can simply remove the mounting frames and restore the land to its original state.

Economic Benefits

High energy yields
Our solar PV installations consist of high-quality solar panels, inverters, mounting frames, and cabling. Through our advanced plant designs, we select high-level equipment to maximize each project’s lifetime energy generation and carbon emission savings. With our focus on efficiency and scale, we ensure each solar PV plant makes a meaningful contribution to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Simple construction and minimal maintenance
Ground-mounted solar PV plants are the most cost-effective way to generate solar energy. Unlike their rooftop counterparts, ground-mounted solar systems are not limited by orientation, roof space, or obstructions, enabling us to maximize their lifetime energy yield.

At Enery, we seek to install our ground-mounted solar PV plants on flat, even terrain, making them very simple to maintain. By eliminating the need to access rooftops, we can complete inspections and service work quickly and safely – reducing costs and maximizing energy generation.