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“Му job at Enery gives me the exciting opportunity to make the company thrive by filling the gap between Western and Central & Eastern Europe in terms of the green energy transition.”
Severin Vartigov – CCO
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At Enery, we specialize in acquiring, developing, building, and operating large-scale renewable energy projects. Shortly after our inception in 2019, we acquired a 156 MW portfolio of solar PV plants across Central and Eastern Europe, making us one of Austria’s largest owners and generators of solar energy.

During our project development, landowners can rest assured that their property is contributing to a cleaner future and being handled with responsibility and care. We also promise to construct all ground-mounted solar PV plants within short timeframes, regardless of their size, in our focus to minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency.

With our young and passionate team, we build rewarding, long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. If you’d like to work with us, get in touch as let’s move renewable energy forward together.

Leasing Agricultural Land

As a renewable energy developer with a growing portfolio of large-scale projects, we’re always looking for opportunities to lease unusable agricultural land. Through our commitment to clean energy and the environment, we are interested in developing sites that meet the following criteria:

  • Low soil quality (unsuitable for agriculture)
  • No physical obstructions
  • Sufficient clearance from the nearest residential area
  • At least ten hectares in size (100,000 m2)
  • A single, continuous area of land with appropriate access

What are the benefits of leasing your land to Enery?

When you partner with Enery, you can convert your unusable agricultural land into secure, long-term income for up to 30 years or more. In addition to supporting renewable energy, we also provide complete peace of mind by managing your land in line with all local environmental and safety laws. The system can be completely removed at the end of your contract, allowing you to repurpose the land.

In-development solar PV plants with capacities of 10 MW+

Our experienced team can take over the development risk and see an existing solar project through to completion, either in-house or with partners. If you are involved in a current solar development, contact Enery to discover how we can help to fulfill the project’s maximum potential.

Operational solar PV plants with capacities of 10 MW+

Our expanding operations and generous financing structure mean we are always looking to acquire existing solar PV plants at very attractive prices. If you own an operational solar project that you think may be of interest, we look forward to hearing from you with more information.

Seeking a Rewarding Partnership?

We’re on a mission to accelerate the transition to cleaner and more affordable electricity – but we can only achieve this goal with the help of great partners. So, if you’re interested in working with one of Europe’s fastest-growing renewable energy developers, contact us via email or use the button below.