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What does sustainability mean to us?

What does sustainability mean to us?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are interrelated and have an important impact on the day-to-day operations of an organisation. Therefore, we strive to integrate ESG into our core business practices and activities, and expect active participation from our team We are convinced that a strong ESG proposition helps us to attract and retain talent, enhance employee motivation by instilling a sense of purpose, and to increase overall productivity.



Having a greater sense of purpose is amongst the three core attributes of our organisational culture – our employees share both a genuine concern for global environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution and nature loss, and also a drive for making material contributions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



We want to ensure our people are healthy and safe, and that the communities which we operate in are thriving, as this ultimately supports our own success and growth. We want to create employment, create sustainable local jobs in the communities where we work, and also educate and train our employees. We want our employees to receive fair treatment and equal opportunities to guarantee that we have a motivated and skilled workforce that drives organisational improvement.



Robust and transparent company processes and clear roles and responsibilities will help us take advantage of opportunities presented and mitigate any potential risks or impacts associated with our operations. We want to make sure our employees understand and observe the policies we have in place, and ensure good practices are promoted to both internal stakeholders and business partners, as well as achieving compliance across the supply chain.

If you want to learn more about our approach and our policies, feel free to reach out to our team: sustainability@enery.energy

Our commitment

At Enery we care about the social, environmental, and economic impacts related to our business activities.

At Enery we care about the social, environmental, and economic impacts related to our business activities.

As a young company, we have just started our journey towards developing a meaningful ESG strategy and reporting framework.

Through our initial materiality assessment, conducted with the help of relevant internal and external stakeholders, we have identified four strategic goals to focus on:

As a result of human activity the climate is inevitably changing, resulting in a chain reaction of direct and indirect social, environmental, and economic impacts. Risks from fires, floods and other natural disasters are increasing, as are the pressure on supply chains and the availability of certain resources. This amplifies the overall uncertainty for all businesses, including our own.

To adapt to these changing circumstances and to mitigate against the effects of climate change we plan to further increase our renewable production capacity, and also reduce the share of non-renewable energy we consume and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with all our business activities. We aim to reduce our overall impact, including indirect impacts associated with our supply chains.

Everything we do in our day-to-day activities depends on services provided by nature: clean air, clean water, food, and the space we use to live and work. Even though loss of nature and biodiversity has a more immediate effect on some industries (like agriculture) and is sometimes perceived as an issue to be addressed by certain businesses, we disagree, and believe we all have a part to play.

To minimise our impact on biodiversity and nature as a whole, we strive to maintain and restore natural ecosystems and habitats. We do this through careful consideration of land characteristics and avoiding development within protected areas. We are increasing the potential for multiple use at our existing plants by developing habitats for animals, and by responsibly managing waste according to the waste hierarchy (attempting to divert waste from landfill whenever possible).

Our people are our most important resource. We rely on personnel to run our business efficiently, and see it as of the utmost importance that we have a healthy workforce that can safely execute daily tasks. We dedicate time and effort to not only safeguarding the health and safety of our people, but also to nurture their potential and provide sufficient development opportunities for all.

In recent years, we have focused on improving working conditions at operational sites and offices: implementing various H&S initiatives including regular COVID-19 testing and monitoring of vaccination rates. We are working to maintain and further improve our learning and development processes to ensure organisational and individual knowledge continues to be retained and enhanced.

We believe sustainability goes beyond what we see within our own four walls, like the health and safety of employees and direct environmental impacts associated with site operations. Therefore we evaluate all social, environmental, and economic impacts and risks associated with our business activities, not only within our organisation, but also our business partners – looking across our entire value chain and within the communities we operate.

Our efforts in this regard are focused on creating opportunities in the communities we operate in, including the provision of clean and affordable electricity for local households, and sustainable jobs for local people. We take our commitment a step further by regularly identifying and undertaking meaningful social projects that create a real impact in the regions where we are present.

“I am convinced that a successful company is purpose-driven, transparent, continuously learning and improving, as well as promoting and prioritizing ESG. “

Krasimira Traykova - ESG Manager

We will continue to update our website with relevant information as we progress towards our targets. In the meantime, we can share some interesting data based on our annual green electricity production.

Households powered
tCO2e emissions saved

This is the equivalent of

mature trees
km driven in an average car
standard intra-European flights
The emissions profile is calculated based on specific grid emission intensity factors within the countries we operate in (i.e. the higher the use of fossil generation sources, the higher the avoided emissions from our green power plants).

Guided by our mission to do the right things right, we initiate social projects that contribute to a brighter world and better lives