Renewable Energy With a Purpose

“At Enery we want to do the best possible projects to ensure sustainable green power supply to our customers at the lowest possible costs.”
Jan Horvath – Head of Slovakia
What we do
We deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy

Enery is actively working to create a low-carbon future. Across 56 sites, our 273 MW operational portfolio delivers clean and reliable electricity to a broad range of communities, companies, and utilities.

In parallel, we are also developing greenfield projects in selected markets across Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to delivering clean electricity, these projects will also provide a range of social, economic, and employment benefits that strengthen communities and provide long-term financial security.

273 MW
in operation
households powered
Projects in Czech Republic

Locations: 42
Size: 92.1 MWp
Production: 95 GWh
Households powered: 27,629
Enery operating since: 2020

Projects in Slovakia

Locations: 2
Size: 4.2 MWp
Production: 4.9 GWh
Households powered: 1,589
Enery operating since: 2020

Projects in Bulgaria

Locations: 1
Size: 60.4 MWp
Production: 74.5 GWh
Households powered: 20,411
Enery operating since: 2020

Projects in Romania

Location: 11
Size:117.2 MWp
Production: 19.9 GWh
Households powered: 118,025
Enery operating since: 2022

Want to partner with a clean energy leader?

At Enery, we are always looking to expand our renewable energy portfolio with high-quality operational or development assets. If you are interested in working with us, please contact our team via

Ferdinand Trauttenberg
Head of Business Development Austria
Severin Vartigov
Jan Horvath
Head of Slovakia
Nace Novak
Head of Business Development Slovenia