What does ESG mean to us?

Environmental, social and governance(ESG) factors are interrelated and have an importantimpact on day-to-day operations of an organisation. Therefore, we strive to integrate ESG into core business practices and activities and expect active participation from our entire workforce. A strong ESG proposition helps us to retain quality employees, enhance employee motivation by instilling a sense of purpose, and increase productivity overall.

E: Having a greater purpose is amongst the three core attributes of our organisational culture –our employees share a genuine concern for global environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution and nature loss but also share a drive for making material contributions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

S: We want to ensure our people are healthy and safe and the communities we operate within are thriving as this will support our success and growth; we want to create employment, create sustainable local jobs in the communities we work and educate and train our employees; we want our employees to receive fair treatment and equal opportunities to ensure we have a motivated, skilled workforce that drives organisational improvement.

G: Robust and transparent company processes and reporting as well as clear roles and responsibilities will help us take advantage of opportunities presented and mitigate any potential risks and/or impacts associated with our operations. We want to make sure our employees understand and observe the policies we have in place; make sure good practices are promoted to both internal stakeholders and business partners, and compliance is achieved across the supply chain.

Motivation |Doingthe right things right|

At Enery we care about the social, environmental and economic impacts related to our business activities. Our materiality assessment informs the decisions we make in this regard, it helps us define an ambitious strategy and work towards having a positive overall impact on communities and the environment while enforcing a strict zero-harm policy. We would like to establish ourselves as a leader in the renewable energy transition; thus,we realise we have a legal and moral obligation to protect stakeholders affected by our operations, including our employees, communities and the environment we operate in. We are a result-driven organisation and aim to conduct our business in a way that satisfies the growing expectations of society, investors and other relevant parties. We are therefore very diligent when setting up and reviewing our activities, constantly trying to learn and further develop our organisational knowledge.

Material Issues and Long-term Commitments

We are committed to implementing robust processes for everything we do to achieve compliance not only with regulatory requirements but apply best practice standards across all sites and activities. We believe every person has a fundamental right to a safe and healthy environment. To safeguard this, we identify and eliminate hazards, assess and mitigate risks, measure and monitor performance, consult employees and encourage their participation in all relevant aspects of the decision-making process. We do this at all our sites –operational and offices, with all our teams.

Our reputation as a responsible employer is important to us. Therefore, we do not tolerate discrimination and strive to reduce inequalities–we select and hire our people based on competency and cultural fit and evaluate and reward them based on performance and results.

At Enery transparent behaviour is rewarded; we aim to be fair, honest and open with all stakeholders. Challenges will always be present, but we work hard to ensure issues are identified as early as possible(through, for example, robust due diligence for newly acquired/ developed projects and regular reviews for existing projects), causes are analysed, improvement plans are set in motion and relevant stakeholders are engaged (both internal and external).

Environmental protection is of paramount importance to us–clean energy production is at the core of our business, but we also focus on efficient use of resources, responsible waste management and habitat restoration. We are committed to combating climate change and nature loss and preserving biodiversity by thoroughly assessing our overall footprint and taking appropriate remedial actions, where required.

We take community issues and challenges presented in markets where we operate seriously and dedicate time and energy in finding solutions that suit all parties involved. We believe social investment is crucial for our success not only in the local but also in a global setting.

Learning(together with other attributes like purpose and results) shapes Enery’s organisational culture. As an ambitious organisation we want to make sure we hire and retain smart people that share our values –we invest a lot of time and other resources to provide sufficient training and guarantee our teams have the skills and knowledge they need to excel at their tasks.

Last but not least, by setting ambitious corporate and individual objectives in line with best-practice global initiatives and standards, we aim to continuously improve our processes in order to minimise the company’s social, environmental and economic impact, take advantage of opportunities presented and mitigate any risk associated with our operations.

Richard König CEO & Partner
Lukas Nemec COO & Partner