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“I am convinced that a successful company is purpose-driven, transparent, continuously learning and improving, as well as promoting and prioritizing ESG. “
Krasimira Petkova – Head of ESG
We strive to create the most sustainable solutions

At Enery, we integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into every aspect of our day-to-day business. As a renewable energy leader, we believe it’s our duty to maintain the highest environmental and social standards while inspiring our business and supply chain partners to do the same.

Our dedication to ESG principles allows us to attract and retain the best people, infuse our team with a strong sense of purpose, and maximize our overall productivity.


We are committed to addressing some of the world’s most critical environmental challenges, including climate change, global warming, air and water pollution, and biodiversity loss. Through our ambitious and forward-looking culture, we strive to make positive environmental impacts that directly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In addition to reducing carbon emissions, we also build strong, long-lasting relationships in the communities where we operate. As a socially responsible company, we seek to create sustainable local jobs that provide meaningful work and accelerate the growth of renewable energy.

Within our company, we nurture a diverse and inclusive working environment that makes every employee feel valued and motivated. We believe that by creating a positive culture and investing in our employees’ professional and personal development, we will continue to improve and grow.


Our transparent company processes are underpinned by clear roles and responsibilities that allow us to mitigate any risks associated with our business activities. In addition, we ensure all of our employees understand these policies and promote our “best practice” culture to our stakeholders, business partners, and supply chains.

If you would like to learn more about our ESG approach and policies, contact our team via sustainability@enery.energy.

Our Commitment
We’re driven to create positive environmental, social, and economic impacts
Climate change and carbon emissions

Human activity is changing the climate in many profound and far-reaching ways. Around the world, the frequency and severity of wildfires, floods, droughts, heatwaves, and storms are increasing, causing widespread environmental damage and putting human lives at risk. These factors also impact the availability of natural recourses, placing growing pressure on supply chains and creating uncertainty for all businesses, including our own.

To adapt to a changing planet and minimize our climate impact, we are committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy we produce while reducing the carbon intensity of the energy we consume. In addition to minimizing our own carbon footprint, we’re also addressing our indirect emissions generated by our business partners and supply chains.

Biodiversity and nature loss

Our daily lives and business activities rely directly on the services provided by nature: clean air and water, healthy soil and food, and green spaces for us to live and work. Although environmental damage and biodiversity loss have the largest impacts on industries such as farming and agriculture, we believe every business – including ours – has a responsibility to do its part.
To minimize our impact on biodiversity, we strive to maintain and restore natural habitats while working in harmony with their surrounding ecosystems. Throughout our expanding portfolio, we carefully assess each site’s unique characteristics and avoid any development work that may impact protected areas. In addition, we’re developing a growing number of multi-use renewable energy sites that incorporate animal habitats, sheep grazing areas, and pollinator fields. We also focus on minimizing waste by utilizing recycling programs and diverting materials from landfills wherever possible.

Responsible employer

At Enery, our people are our most valuable resource. Our employees shape our unique culture, ensure our operations run smoothly, and help our business succeed and grow. For these and many other reasons, it’s vital for us to ensure the health and safety of our employees and provide guidance and resources to support their professional and personal development.
Since our inception, we have continually improved the working conditions at our sites and offices, including various health and safety initiatives, regular COVID-19 testing, and vaccination rate monitoring. In addition, we are working to enhance our learning and development processes to share and promote knowledge at both the individual and organizational levels.

Responsible corporate citizen

As one of Europe’s emerging renewable energy companies, we carefully evaluate all environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with our business activities. In addition, we extend this view to our business partners and external stakeholders, looking across our entire value chain and the communities where we operate.
We strive to add value to every community where we work by providing clean and affordable electricity and creating sustainable jobs for local residents. We also take our commitments a step further by undertaking meaningful social and environmental projects that make positive, long-lasting impacts.

Our stakeholders have the right to receive relevant, comprehensive and transparent ESG performance data. We are therefore committed to publish an annual Sustainability report outlining our strategy, goals and commitments as well as any progress we’ve made in this regard.

At Enery, we pride ourselves on our integrity, professionalism, and character.
While we ensure our employees feel empowered to report any unethical business behaviors or suggest potential improvements without fear of retaliation or unfair repercussions, we want to make sure other stakeholders can also report any perceived business misconduct safely and anonymously.

As our renewable energy portfolio expands, we will continue to report our progress towards our ESG targets. In the meantime, here are some key figures based on our current energy generation.
This is the equivalent of:
Households powered
tCO2e emissions saved
mature trees
km driven in an average car
standard intra-European flights
The figures above are calculated using the specific grid emission intensity factors of the regions where we operate. For example, power networks with a higher use of fossil fuels result in higher emissions savings from our renewable energy plants.
Here are some of the projects and developments we currently have underway.
Enery Support Package

We are very proud that our first Ukrainian employee, Kateryna joined our team. We had been helping Kateryna since the first hours of her arrival in Vienna in March, offering a place for temporary residence to help her get started in Vienna. After receiving all required permits, she joined our team as a Communication Specialist. Kateryna is from Odesa, Ukraine and arrived in Austria in early March. Kateryna’s story is a vivid example of how we have transformed our approach to helping Ukrainians. Starting from providing short-term accommodation, we soon expanded our activity to administrative and visa support. Now the Enery Support Package also includes job offers in our company and the possibility to receive a scholarship. We have so far supported almost 50 people with accommodation and admin support and have provided food in Slovakia for over 100 schoolkids.

Nedyalko’s co-workers in Rose valley

In our efforts to enhance pollinator habitats and mitigate their overall decline, we decided to trial a bee project at our Karadzhalovo power plant in the Thracia region of Bulgaria. With some help from external bee and vegetation experts and one of our plant workers, Nedyalko Dyalkov, who happens to be a beekeeper in his spare time, our innovative team in Bulgaria has now managed to introduce various bee families at the solar park and plant a pollinator friendly garden, so our newest ‘workers’ have a clean food supply nearby. As a nice side effect, we already have produced our first honey and also our ‘first solar honey rakija’ from Karadzhalovo this year.

Bio grass mowers at work

Humankind is currently facing two important issues related to nature degradation and global food production – lack of usable land and rapid decline of pollinators. We decided to focus our efforts on multiple land use and pollinator support. In 2021, we have successfully executed two projects. Photovoltaic power plants in some of the communities we operate in carry negative connotation as they are perceived to take up land that could otherwise be used for agriculture. To mitigate this, we try to only develop land with low agricultural rating but also started looking at various options for multipurpose land use initiatives to implement at our sites. Together with an experienced local farmer, our Czech team has now successfully executed a project where we introduced sheep to replace conventional vegetation control techniques and double the purpose of the land, we occupy at our Určice power plant in Moravia.

#wedotherightthingsright and will keep you posted about our new ventures in 2022

If you want to know more about Enery and our sustainability culture, feel free to contact our team: sustainability@enery.energy