Enery Portfolio Optimization gives you an experienced and reliable partner who can navigate you through the complex energy market. We can generate maximum value from your renewable assets or customize green energy solutions to your specific needs.
Renewable energy producers
Want the highest price for your green energy?

If you’re an independent renewable energy producer looking to monetize your green electricity, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you need market access, balancing optimization, BESS management, or PPA consulting – we’ve got you covered. 

With Enery Portfolio Optimization, we can maximize your energy performance and profits – all with minimal effort on your behalf.  

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Renewable energy buyers
The most rewarding green energy solutions for your business.

Enery Portfolio Optimization features a broad range of renewable energy and cost-reducing services tailored to your specific needs.

With green certificates, electricity and balancing cost optimization, risk hedging, and much more, we can create a green energy solution perfectly matched to your business profile.

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Market access

We can help you access spot and forward markets and maximize your revenue streams. 


Balancing optimization

We unlock access to a diversified and stable balancing group that reduces your imbalance costs. Our balancing optimization services use innovative models to provide reliable generation forecasting, real-time monitoring, and active intraday market participation that minimizes your exposure in balancing markets. 

Guarantees of origin

We offer attractive pricing and fair valuations for your guarantees of origin. 

Valuable market updates

We provide up-to-date market information and consultation services to identify the most lucrative opportunities. 

PPA consulting

We use our extensive market experience to secure your ideal Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Originating, structuring, and negotiating a PPA can be long and complicated, so we manage the entire process for you to ensure complete peace of mind. 

Green energy supply

With a diverse portfolio of renewable energy assets, we can find optimal green energy solutions for your business. We assess your consumption profile to offer fair and transparent pricing, green certificates, electricity and balancing cost reductions, risk hedging strategies, up-to-date market information, and consulting services to capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

For BESS owners
Unlock your battery’s full potential.

Our expert management and trading optimization services can maximize the value of your BESS assets, available for both standalone and co-located systems. 

Through our aggregator pool, we can optimize your participation in EU balancing platforms and enhance your trading in day-ahead and intraday markets. 

We also offer valuable market information and consulting to ensure you never miss a new opportunity. 


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