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Who we are
We’re creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Enery is leading the green energy transition through the acquisition, development, construction, and operation of large-scale renewable energy plants. With a sustainable long-term vision, we deliver clean electricity at affordable prices to create a more sustainable energy landscape.

Headquartered in Austria, our young and ambitious team takes a forward-thinking approach to renewable energy – helping our customers to reduce both emissions and costs.

What we do
We create affordable green energy solutions for every type of business.

Our team of industry professionals can help your organization meet its energy, financial, and sustainability goals. Utilizing our best-in-class services, you can reduce operating costs, achieve your ESG targets, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Across Central and Eastern Europe, we provide affordable and reliable green energy solutions to a diverse range of companies, utilities, and governments.

Whether you’re an industrial consumer seeking a green power purchase agreement (PPA), a company looking to build an on-site renewable energy system, or a green energy producer wanting to optimize electricity trading – we’re a one-stop shop for all your energy needs.

Our Social Commitment
We take a community-first approach to renewable energy.

At Enery, we believe renewable energy is not only terrific for the environment, but an opportunity to strengthen the communities we serve. That’s why many of our renewable energy developments also feature social and environmental programs to support communities and build more robust natural ecosystems.

Through our growing network of partners and clients, we build rewarding long-term relationships based on cooperation, trust, and mutual respect. We’re committed to creating a safe work environment, being transparent in our processes, and minimizing our environmental impact.

Solar Donation for the Hospital in Corabia

January 2024 

At Enery, we’re passionate about making a meaningful difference in our local communities through impactful social projects. 

That’s why we jumped at the chance to help our local Corabia Municipal Hospital in Romania cut down on energy costs and go green. We’ve installed a 25.6 kW solar panel system on their rooftop, and we’re excited about the difference it will make. 

The installed solar panels will help the hospital spend less on electricity and invest in other needs. It’s a straightforward change that brings them one step closer to sustainability without complexity. 

Road safety coloring book

Commitment to education and supporting children and young people in their development is a primary
part of our ESG strategy. We prepared a book dedicated to road safety for kids, featuring streetlights,
road signs, crosswalks, and safety gear to color, along with exciting games and tasks reinforcing essential
safety lessons. In addition to having fun coloring and playing, children will also learn how to make safe
choices when navigating the streets, making this book both entertaining and educational.

Light for Romania: Empowering Lives through green energy

June 2023

Thanks to our employee Luiza Lazea, Enery found a new great partner in the face of Free Miorita NGO in Romania.

The organization helps households with no access to electricity to improve their living conditions by installing autonomous renewable energy systems. Together, we donated and installed solar panels for six households.

The campaign “Light for Romania” outlines the underestimated issue of underprivileged people in rural regions who are unable to connect to the electrical grid due to their remote living areas and cannot afford to pay for permits, grid connection fees, projects, and utility bills.

This initiative is an example of how renewable energy can improve life quality quickly and efficiently.

A Gift of Solar Power

July, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Byala Slatina Medical Center and Hospital now boasts its very own 40 kW rooftop photovoltaic system.

This solar installation is a significant leap towards enhancing the facility’s energy self-sufficiency. In the days to come, a substantial portion of their energy needs will be met by this system, resulting in substantial cost savings, and bolstering their energy independence.

This initiative is an integral part of Enery’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, reflecting our commitment to supporting the communities where we operate in Europe. The project was successfully coordinated by our partners at Enery Element GmbH, who have been diligently working on the development of a large-scale PV project in the villages of Gabare and Drashan, located to the northeast of Sofia.

Empowering Our Future Eco-Heroes

June 2023 

At Enery, we firmly believe that education is the key to a sustainable future. By introducing children to renewable energy and teaching them how to keep our environment clean, we empower them to become advocates for positive change.

That is why we created the Let’s Color with Energy coloring book which is suitable for kids in elementary school age.

Feel free to print out the book from our webpage. Parents, educators, and anyone who is passionate about nurturing young minds can use the file.

Let’s create a greener tomorrow, one coloring page at a time!

Help Ukraine Project

March – October 2022

The Help Ukraine project has become one of Enery’s flagship social projects for 2022. It was initiated in response to the war in Ukraine which started in February 2022. Since then, Enery has provided temporary accommodation, document (visa), and general integration support, including language courses to many Ukrainian refugees entering Austria.

Our colleagues in Slovakia provided breakfast to 130 Ukrainian students from a Slovakian-Ukrainian school. They also organized a youth volleyball tournament where they explained to the teams how solar energy is produced and how it can help Europe decarbonize.

In Bulgaria, we supported a green educational center, working with children and families from Ukraine to integrate them. We covered expenses for textbooks, meals, and integrational summer camp.

In total, our efforts supported 440 people through diverse initiatives.

Chance for Bright Future with Omamas

June 2020 – till now

The Omama Project in Slovakia, led by Cesca Von NGO, is dedicated to addressing the challenging circumstances in which children from underprivileged Roma families are raised. Its mission is to provide these children with the opportunities to receive a quality education, secure stable employment, and ultimately become valuable contributors to society. At its core, the project seeks to empower mothers within the community by training them to mentor other mothers and their children.

Cesta Von NGO currently employs approximately 35 Omamas who work in 25 Roma communities throughout Slovakia. Enery has been actively supporting and collaborating with Omama Janka since 2020, and she is now responsible for nurturing and guiding 20 children in the village of Huncovce.

Nedyalko’s co-workers in Rose valley

August 2021 – till now

In our ongoing commitment to enhance pollinator habitats and combat the overall decline in their populations, we embarked on a bee project at our Karadzhalovo power plant in the Thracia region of Bulgaria.

With the invaluable expertise of external bee and vegetation specialists and the dedication of one of our plant employees, Nedyalko Dyalkov, our team in Bulgaria has successfully introduced multiple bee colonies to the solar park and established a pollinator-friendly area.

The success of this project motivated us to replicate it in other countries of operations, like Austria and Romania, and marked the beginning of our Solar honey label.

Bio grass mowers at work

August 2021 – till now

Working in harmony with our surrounding ecosystems and protecting biodiversity is at the core of our ESG strategy. That is why we decided to focus our efforts on multiple land uses for our photovoltaic power plants.

Along with an experienced local farmer, our Czech team introduced a flock of sheep that replaced the traditional grass mowing with machines at the Určice solar park in Moravia. Grazing on fresh green grass, the sheep prevent vegetation from shading the solar panels and impacting their productivity. At the same time, our waste is turned into food for the animals.

That set an example we later used for engaging the same “bio grass mowers” in our power plants in Bulgaria and Romania.

Now, sheep have become a symbol of our efforts to implement a working, sustainable value chain with dual land use at its base.

Our team
We’re a people-powered company.

At Enery, we’re driven by a diverse team of ambitious and forward-thinking industry professionals.

Our backgrounds feature many different cultures and languages, but we’re united in creating a cleaner and more sustainable world for our children and future generations.